Evacuation Scheme

Our aim at PWFP Fire Safety is to ensure that you pass your fire evacuation scheme without the stress or paperwork that comes with it.  

With schemes completed for clients such as Invercargill Licensing Trust, Millbrook Resort, South Pacific Meats, Rydges and QT Hotels, Blue Sky Pastures, and the Southern Institute of Technology, we have experience in all variations of buildings and businesses.  

Our close working relationship with Fire and Emergency New Zealand means we are able to complete your scheme with accuracy, efficiency and in good time.


As part of Fire and Emergency New Zealand Regulations 2018 there are specific buildings that require an evacuation scheme (If you are unsure if your building fits into this category please contact us for more information).

Apart from a short meeting at the start of the process to collect information, with your approval to be onsite, we are able to complete the rest of the data collection without assistance.

As part of compiling this information for your scheme we can also complete an audit to ensure you have the correct safety signs and notices in place, and that they are written to match your scheme and procedure.  We are also able to ensure you have sufficient and correct firefighting equipment within your building and site.   We are able to provide any, or all of these, subject to your requirement and approval.


A scheme can take between 4-6 weeks depending on FENZ approval.  This is subject to you supplying us with the necessary information, such as a building floor plan and a hazardous substances list at the start of the process.


Each site can require a different evacuation scheme procedure and level of compliance.  Due to this we are able to come onsite to assess your needs, with a no obligation, free quote.

If you have any questions or would like to book an onsite inspection or audit, please click here to go to our contact page.

"An evacuation scheme describes the measures that have been put in place to enable safe and timely evacuation if there is a fire (or suspected fire)."
- Fire & Emergency New Zealand
Evacuation Scheme