Client Testimonials

Providing Fire Extinguisher and Warden Training Courses, Trial Evacuations and Evacuation Schemes allows PWFP Fire Safety to work with a wide range of clients; here are just a small sample of their feedback.

Sarah Fletcher, Shotover Primary School

Paul and Rachel have been great to work with, ensuring we are up to date with all signage, processes, and procedures. They responded to queries and requests promptly and professionally.

The Warden Training was excellent and provided all the wardens with a background, confidence, and strategies to handle emergency situations. It is great to know that they are there to support us now and going forward.

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Natasha McDonald, HR Support & Compliance Manager

We were in much need of training for our team, we found PWFP to be fantastic.

They were flexible in the times to suit our needs, the trainers were relatable and did a great job of letting us know what we need to do. Loved the extinguisher training.


Shelley Clark, People & Capability Manager

We have been using PWFP for over a decade. They service all our extinguishers and fire hose reels on site. They provide a quick and efficient service. They monitor when servicing is due and call to arrange the visit.

We also use PWFP for all our Fire Extinguisher and Warden training. Craig and Johnny are always polite and accommodating. Highly recommended for all your Fire Health & Safety trainings. Also had staff members buy several Bluetooth Fire Alarms for their homes, off them too. No more changing batteries every 6 months so our staff were excited about that.

The trainers we have had over the years have been excellent, extremely professional and knowledgeable, and created learning environments within our own work place.

Call them for your next lot of training, you will not be disappointed.

Jane Miedema, Quality & Practice Development Coordinator 

PWFP provide Hospice Southland with all facets of our fire scheme requirements for our inpatient building and shops. These services range from procedures to equipment to education of staff and trial evacuations.

PWFP are always prompt with their response, very accommodating with requests and complete efficiently all the regular compliance requirements.

The fire warden training provided is interactive, the trainers are very knowledgeable and engage well with our staff ensuring the importance of fire safety is learnt.

Donna Henare , COVID-19 Site Manager

The team would like to say thank you to the PWFP Fire Safety team and how much we enjoyed the training and expertise of your team. The training was graphic and hit home how dangerous a fire is and how necessary it is to move quickly. Also, how necessary it is to be very familiar with the processes in the Clinic that have been set up to preserve lives. Hands on with fire extinguishers was perhaps the highlight. We deeply appreciated the professional, knowledgeable and thorough training given.

Paulus Smith, Health, Safety & Environment Manager

The plan is well thought out and written. You have considered all scenarios, we feel once we have this in operation, after the relevant Wardens etc have been trained, we will have a pretty robust ERP in place.

Jason Holland, General Manager

Thank you for all your work on this scheme, from set up through to training our experience with your company has been awesome, easy to work with and nothing was a problem. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

SPCA Invercargill Manager

I thought the Fire training course was good. I found it very comprehensive and got lots of good information out of it!

I really enjoyed the fire warden training! It was very informative and the facilitator was engaging. I think getting a chance to use the fire extinguishers was not just the fun part but also gave me so much more confidence in using a fire extinguisher. I now feel that I could go ahead and use one if needed. Overall a great course.”

“I personally thought it was a very fun and engaging way of learning and practicing important and serious safety procedures that could ultimately save lives. These things can be too informative and become hard to retain, especially when not being put to use in a day to day situation. By breaking the course up into different activities and keeping us involved it kept us on our toes and made a memorable day. Can’t wait for next year’s course!


Lawrence Jones, Food Safety and Health and Safety

PWFP have been great to work with. I really appreciate their ability to work with us through changes, ensuring we’re compliant and have effective training, especially the flexibility to work around our work schedules.

The training is succinct and focusses on what the staff really need to know. They make sure everyone has learnt what they need, ensuring no one is left behind.

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Stephen Duff, Managing Director

We have been using PWFP Fire Safety for the past 7 years to ensure the safety of our staff and premises in the event of a fire.

Paul and his team have always approached this with a very high level of passion and professionalism, and they have a unique ability to be able to engage all of the staff to understand the importance of what they do.

Their services include in depth Fire Warden training, practical training in the use of Fire Extinguishers, Video sessions showing how quickly and dangerously things can escalate, monitoring and maintenance of all fire safety equipment and liaising with Fire and Emergency to ensure our compliance levels are sufficient to ensure all our safety.

They always ensure everything for us is easy by having efficient and open lines of communication, plenty of advance warning of training sessions approaching and being punctual when they are due for an appointment.

We would have no hesitation in recommending PWPF Fire Safety’s services to any company wanting to have robust and efficient systems in place to ensure the safety of their staff and premises.

Clive Smith, Operations Manager

Here at The Headwaters, which incorporates The Headwaters Eco Lodge (accommodation events and a restaurant), a campground and the Mrs Woolly’s General Store in Glenorchy, we have used PWFP Fire Safety for over six years. Their professional and proactive approach to the company’s fire safety is second to none.

The fire warden training is clear and precise and we have only had terrific feedback from all of the staff that have attended over the years. Also, on occasions where we have updated our Emergency Response Plan, PWFP have been a pleasure to work with. Including lodging paperwork on the business’s behalf where necessary.

We cannot overstate the exceptional service, and would highly recommend using their service for all matters concerning fire safety – they live and breathe it!

Dave McCone, Health & Safety Coordinator

The Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) introduced fire extinguisher training to all of its trades based programmes in early 2013.  This training was identified as an important element of safety training for our students whether they be hairdressers or engineers.  We are still continuing this training today and using the team at PWFP Fire Safety.  We’ve been pleased to build this association to now establishing evacuation schemes and maintenance of these schemes.

Taika Brooks, Group HSE Advisor

Best part of the training; actually using an extinguisher removes the stigma of being afraid to activate it when needed, they made it real and an easy process. They took time to explain to those with English as a second language. Very professional and really informative and attentive.

Katie Church, People & Culture Manager

Thank you to the PWFP team for always going above and beyond. The Fire Warden training is always engaging and interactive with the fire extinguisher hands-on demonstration, and this gives everyone confidence with the extinguishers. The training is tailored to business and the tutor ensures the training is adapted to different learning styles within the groups. 

The compliance checks are always completed efficiently and the team are extremely professional and knowledgeable. The trial evacuation scheme service was seamless and a comprehensive review was undertaken. The PWFP team always go the extra mile and look forward to working with the team again in the near future.

Chris Miller, Practice Manager

The experience with the Warden Training was excellent and Sam was a great tutor who went above expectations. He explained everything perfectly and put all the troops at ease when it came to the Extinguisher Training. Everyone felt so much more confident after learning how to use the extinguishers we have. It went by so fast, there were no boring bits.